Lead Generation Marketing on Social Media

Lead generation marketing on social media goes well beyond collecting people’s name’s and email addresses.

Most of what you have heard or been taught about lead generation marketing probably involves some sort of capture page that collects names and email addresses, putting that information into an autoresponder, and sending emails to this list of people. As a matter of fact, you have heard it from me, multiple times.

Today however, I’m going to talk about a form of lead generation marketing you can do on social media without any technical skills whatsoever.


If you are on Facebook and you have friends, you have a list. Yep, you heard me right. Your Facebook friends can also be your marketing list and this is a list you can add to every day without fancy capture pages or advertising. Basically, you will search for people in your target market, send them a friend request, and then build a relationship with them (once they accept.) Remember, even though we are talking about list building, you must have a connection with people you meet on Facebook before you even think about pitching an idea.

How to Connect on Facebook

The mechanics of connecting are simple. When you like, comment and share you begin to build an instant connection. Remember to join in the conversation, don’t just drop a comment and then forget about it. If you get any type of response continue to communicate in a natural way. Once you begin to connect, you can send them a message through Facebook Messenger. Now this is where the real relationships begin to form. Just have a conversation with your new friend. Find out where they are struggling, then offer to help. If your business, product or service cannot help them, then don’t offer. Sounds silly but true. You need to offer your assistance in a sincere way, because this person will potentially be on your friend’s list for a very long time. Now just might not be the right time to pitch them.

In less than an hour a day you should be able to add 5 to 10 new Facebook friends to your list.


Twitter is a whole different ball game. Twitter is more about numbers and less about building relationships. So, I don’t spend nearly as much time trying to make a connection as I do trying to build my list of followers. The way to build your list of followers fast is by following other people. I recommend following as many people each day as you possibly can every day up to the 1,000 follow limit. (See Do You Know the Twitter Limits?Many of the people you follow will follow you back, so I recommend you do the same.

Tweet Often

I try to tweet about once per hour. There are studies that say you should tweet more and some say you should tweet less. I am finding 20 to 25 tweets to be a comfortable number. You will definitely need a social media posting tool to make this happen, I recommend Post Planner. Tweet on a variety of things such as your life, your business and include lots of valuable content posts too. Once your tweets get seen you will notice others liking or re-tweeting your content. This is a good thing and again, remember to return the favor.

If you follow this process, you will see your engagement numbers soar. In my first week I added somewhere between 300 to 500 followers and had around 15,000 impressions. That means my tweets passed under 15,000 sets of eyes. Wow, talk about list building.

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You can see that concentrating on just these 2 social media sites can dramatically improve your lead generation marketing activities and increase your list of potential customers and prospects. But, always remember these 2 things:

  1. Be consistent
  2. No 2 social media sites are the same

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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