Business Outcomes and Writing Your Own Story

You can write your own story to determine your personal and business outcomes.

With every situation we encounter we create a story. It is ours to write and we control the outcome. We can choose to be the victim, the villain or the hero. The role we choose will determine our personal and business outcomes.
This article can be applied to your everyday life or your business, but I am going to focus on how this principle can affect your business on a daily basis. If you read and understand carefully, hopefully you will will also be able to apply what you learn here to your personal life as well.

The Situation

How many situations do we encounter in our business on a daily basis? 5, 10, 100? I suppose that depends on the individual. Here are just a few examples of situations that may arise during your business day:
  • Whether or not to pursue a new client
  • Whether you have the skills required for a project
  • How to communicate with a client or prospect
  • Drafting an article for your blog or email campaign
  • Posting on social media and what to say
  • Personal interaction on social media
  • Making phone or video calls to prospects

The situation is a simple, factual set of circumstances.

Next comes the story we write in our own mind in response to the situation. The story can be part fact and part fiction. Or many times based on no facts at all. However, you can be sure that the story you come up with will affect your business outcomes.
In many cases we write our own story based on how we are feeling at the time the situation occurs (we put negative thoughts in our head) leaving the facts far from our version of the outcome. It is in times like these that we must gain control of our thought process and write our story for our own benefit. We should always be striving to be the hero at the end of our story never the villain and never the victim.
As each story unfolds we begin to learn and grow from the situations that previously held us back and stopped our forward progress.

Here is a very simple example:

The Situation: No one “liked” or commented on my Facebook post today.
Bad Story: I am horrible at Facebook, I never know what to say. No one will ever respond to my posts no matter what I write. I should probably stop posting on Facebook and just wait to see if people visit eventually visit my website.
Business Outcome: I will never learn how to properly communicate on Facebook and it will take forever to grow my business if I sit around and wait for people to visit my website.
Good Story: I am new to all this. I will talk to some of my good friends who really understand how to communicate well on Facebook. With this help, I can do better tomorrow. Perhaps I will even sign up for a course or program about marketing on social media to grow and enhance my skills.
Business Outcome: I will learn how to properly market on social media which will help me increase my brand and authority. By taking positive action, I will begin to grow my business.


Notice in the above example that you can take exactly the same situation and wind up with 2 totally different outcomes depending on how YOU decide to write the story. The choice is yours whether you are going to grow or hold yourself back.
How will your story end today?

To Your Success,

Bob Swetz

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