Accounting Services

I am a Controller Consultant at Tier One Services, LLC.  In this role, I focus on internal controls, analysis & insights, financial modeling, software research and implementations, and mass bookkeeping rehab/catch-up projects.

Tier One Services is a boutique accounting firm that offers monthly accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks support as well as outsourced CFO and controller services to businesses.

Its sweet spot is business analytics and modeling for the purpose of their clients’ business growth, investment capital acquisition, loan packages, preparation for sale, post-merger integration and many other business goals.

The team at Tier One works like a family and clients become part of the group. Everyone works toward the goals of the client, whether it’s peace of mind, financial abundance, operational freedom, or all of those outcomes. While Tier One is now based in Florida, its clients are located all along the East Coast and throughout the United States.

My Specialty: Outsourced Controller Services

A Tier One Services Controller brings financial insights and protects organizational assets.

Our Controllers produce dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sales trends, insights regarding profitability, effectiveness, efficiency, and areas of risk. We spot when cash is missing and when inventory doesn’t add up. We uncover wasted time and money and proudly present apps, techniques, and streamlining to our clients. We stay on top of reporting deadlines, monitor compliance with processes and policies, and create a process for…everything.

Options on How to Use Tier One

  • Permanent financial leadership and 100% responsibility for the accounting function
  • Support to an in-house CFO or Controller
  • Outsource options; the entire accounting function or select tasks
  • Managing in-house accounting personnel
  • Taking on interim assignments or special projects

How Can I Help You?

Use the form below to contact me for more information about our services at Tier One. If you are interested in more than one service, you can use the Comments area to provide additional information.